Not only do you want this shirt, you need it. Most of your clothes suck anyway so why not upgrade the wardrobe with the top gym design company’s exclusive team t-shirt.


Anyone can do the dang thing when it's 70 and sunny. You're the guy they call when it's 50 degrees and raining sideways. You love the pressure, You love when things get tough, You love to sit in the back of the plane simply because it's uncomfortable, You love the scramble. The shirt isn't waterproof but when it does get wet, it gets heavy... Good, because if it was waterproof you wouldn't have the opportunity to get mentally tougher. This t-shirt lets everyone know when the going gets tough, you get tougher and embrace the scramble.

Shipping 7-10 days.

Purchase a size up, this shirt is an awesome fit but will shrink when you wash + dry.

No refunds, no returns, we aren't an apparel company. We have gyms to build.